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Multiply the results of your business by adapting to the lifestyle of your customers. With 92% of users accessing the Internet from mobile devices, Google now rewards the Mobile First experience. Now it’s your turn to seduce your customers by offering them the best mobile experience.

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A New Multi-Platform App for Small and Startups

Direct Marketing

With Our tool integrated to your app your automated digital marketing campaigns and you can consult the analytical data from the same panel of your CMS.

We can configure the triggers that will request the evaluation of the users: after unlocking a reward, after placing an order or purchase or simply when they have interacted with your mobile application.

Use Automated Marketing and accelerate the conversion process

Reduce costs, improve the conversion rate and increase ROI thanks to the automated marketing tools of your Mobile App.

Automatic Reviews

Take control of your online reputation and get top positions in search engines like Google.

Email Marketing

Integrate email marketing tools and export contacts from your Android or iPhone App for your campaigns.

Push messages

Automate your Push message campaigns and send your offers at key moments, greatly increasing ROI.

Automatic Reviews

Learn what automated marketing is and conquer the first results of Google Local Pack. Improve your online positioning!

Get positive reviews on autopilot, attracting new customers and exploiting your ROI.

Position yourself in the most popular review portals like Google, Yelp, Facebook or TripAdvisor.

Email Marketing

Gather the contact details of your customers directly from your app.

Automatically export contacts obtained through your mobile application to your favorite email marketing service.

Integration with MailChimp, MyEMMA or iContact.

Push messages

Send automatic Push notifications and increase the conversion of your users.

Increase your business ROI through personalized offers and individual Push messages.

Segment your users into groups and send special promotions automatically based on their preferences.

Direct Marketing

Improve your positioning on the Internet and get new clients on autopilot.

Frequent questions

What is automated marketing?

Automated Marketing are tools that allow you to accelerate the conversion process from visit to client.

What are the differences between Automated Marketing and Marketing Automation?

There is no difference between the two terms, Automated Marketing is the Spanish term of the term Marketing Automation which is the one used in English.

What is the relationship between an App and Automated Marketing?

As you have seen an App is a tool that allows you to accelerate the sales process. We put at your disposal functionalities that will cause you to convert faster. Too much faster!


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