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Multiply the results of your business by adapting to the lifestyle of your customers. With 92% of users accessing the Internet from mobile devices, Google now rewards the Mobile First experience. Now it’s your turn to seduce your customers by offering them the best mobile experience.

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A New Multi-Platform App for Small and Startups

Entertainment Apps

Creating an application to promote your band, music or simply for the entertainment area is much easier now!

You can now make your audience or followers go to a higher level of interactivity.

Technology and the use of mobile devices require that your followers have an entertainment application.

All your brand information in one location

At present there are different channels or platforms for each type of social media which makes competing for the attention of your followed much more difficult. Why not have it all in one place so you can have your audience? It includes videos, audio, podcasts, blogs and much more.

With our apps you can let your followers know the latest in your content and live

Get to inform your followers with our push notification functionality will make it in real time without underestimating its effectiveness. With a simple notification, you can take your users back to your application and interact with your brand.

Increase the loyalty of your followers

Interact with your audience using social networks to start the discussion or with our functionalities you can create an internal chat with your followers. Also offer your followers access to exclusive offers that will achieve greater diffusion of your products or services!

Ready to develop your application?

We are the ones who can help you!

Features of your App that can fascinate your audience

Videos Integrate your YouTube or Vimeo channels automatically and share all your videos with your audience

Programming Schedule all your events, launches or tours and inform your followers in real time

News Connect your followers by integrating your RSS or your latest news in the blog

Push Notifications Automatically connect with your audience. Send promotions latest news by segmentation either individually or in groups

Audio You can now attach your own music or attach it automatically from ITunes

You want to know the plans we have with our App Builder

Powerful Application Manager

iOS, Android and PWA

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