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Multiply the results of your business by adapting to the lifestyle of your customers. With 92% of users accessing the Internet from mobile devices, Google now rewards the Mobile First experience. Now it’s your turn to seduce your customers by offering them the best mobile experience.

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A New Multi-Platform App for Small and Startups

How much does it cost to create your online company?

Offer your customers the best online experience with excellent results and optimal service to your customers


* Each plan comes with 1 administrative user. Each additional user can be added for $ 50 thousand / month

** The initial and personalized development of the App has a cost of $ 300 thousand only once

*** Applications that require modifications or new integrations of both design and a new version your plan have the option of upgrading to a higher plan or paying the relevant modifications according to a new estimate

** All customers must deliver the material in advance such as logos, texts, images and more resources necessary for implementation before starting the subscription or the first days of subscribing, or else the time will continue running normal for your subscription plan

*** Customers who do not have logos or any material necessary for the implementation of the app must pay an additional Fee to create from logo, images, content, social networks and other materials necessary for implementation within the App or otherwise in the Web

** Professional clients can request the creation of dissemination material, but they will be taken as additional costs to the development of the app or website accordingly.