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What is a PWA?

A Progressive Web App or PWA combines the best of a web page and a native application, offering great benefits to both the user and the SME.
Its versatility and progressive nature ensure a perfect mobile experience from any device and operating system.
ANGULAR 4.0 technology developed by Google.


Progressive Web Apps are mobile apps distributed through the web rather than through the app store.

Native App

A native app is a self-contained program that lives on a smartphone.

Maximum visibility

Improve search engine optimization and online visibility of your business with progressive web apps, achieving the top positions in search results.

One click

Mobile Friendly! No download, no installation and no need for app markets.

Loading speed

Improve the loading speed of your online business with a PWA. You will grow your company, build customer loyalty and improve communication with users.

Ultra fast loading speed

A Progressive Web App is up to 4 times faster than any web (even the responsive web), ensuring the best user experience.

Loading speed is a fundamental factor for the conversion of e-commerce. For every second extra it takes for a website to load, hundreds of potential sales are lost.

Thanks to its PWA, Forbes magazine has managed to reduce the loading time to 2.5 seconds, instead of the 6.5 seconds required by its mobile website. Thus the impressions per visit have increased by 10%.

PWA: No publication. No download No installation

To access a PWA it is not necessary to publish it on Google Play or in the App Store. This reduces costs and reduces friction with the user.

Bye, bye downloads! Users access the Progressive Web App instantly by clicking on a link, using a QR code or redirected from the web. In addition, users will not have to update the PWA, as they will always access the latest version.

Thanks to the implementation of its Progressive Web App, Trivago has increased by 150% the users that included direct access to the PWA on their home screen. Thus they have increased by 97% in user engagement.

Perfect cross platform experience

Total control of UX from any device and operating system.

In addition to being much more comfortable when creating the application, having a PWA means a reduction in publishing costs and developer accounts.

After Pinterest implemented its Progressive Web App, user engagement has increased by 66%. In addition, they have registered an increase of 40% in the time of permanence of their application.

Progressive Web Apps + Espacio + Satisfacción

PWA are extremely light. While a native application weighs around 200MB, Progressive Web Apps usually do not occupy more than 0.5MB on the mobile device.

Thanks to its PWA, Tinder managed to reduce the weight of its native application by more than 90%.

Native functionalities and Push messages

It is no longer necessary to develop a native app to access the features of the mobile device. PWA combine the best of native websites and apps, allowing the same functionality as any other mobile application.

In addition, they also allow the sending of personalized and geolocated Push notifications, incredibly improving communication with users.

The functionalities of the PWA of Lancome have increased by 17% conversions, 51% sessions from mobile devices and 53% sessions from iOS devices. In addition, Push messages have contributed to the 18% increase in the opening rate of your notifications.

PWA improve SEO positioning

PWA are essentially web pages, so they facilitate search engine positioning like Google. Thanks to this, increase the visibility and online presence of your business.

The PWA Automated Review System has a direct impact on the Google Local Pac

Frequent Questions

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is halfway between a Web Application and a Native Application. By using Service Workers they can be run in the background. You can also access them by installing them directly on your mobile. They look more like a Native App than a Web App but have the advantages of both.

What are the differences between a PWA and a Progressive Web App?

There is no difference between a PWA and a Progressive Web App. They are exactly the same. PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps.

What is a Web Application?

A Web Application is an Application that is accessed with an internet connection and from a browser. It takes place on the website itself. And they usually have features similar to Native Apps but without installing anything on the mobile device.

How to move from a Web Application to a PWA?

You simply need a tool like the one we provide on and you will configure your PWA in a totally comfortable and simple way.

What is a Native Application?

A Native Application is an App that is developed specifically for an operating system. Generally for Android or iPhone (iOS). Therefore, this platform works perfectly.

Progressive Web App vs Native App

Thanks to the Service Workers, a Progressive Web App can work without an internet connection and receive notifications. In addition, PWA are more indexable by search engines, so they help improve SEO positioning and make it easier to get and convert customers.

What is a Hybrid App?

A Hybrid Mobile Application is built with a combination of code, just like web pages. But, instead of being seen in a browser, they are created for use through a WebView that is integrated into a Native App.

What are the advantages of a PWA?

The advantages of a PWA are varied. It has an interface similar to that of a Native App. They work without an Internet connection. It allows the sending of Push Notifications. It is updated automatically. It is installable. They can be shared through a URL.

What disadvantages does a Progressive Web App have?

The disadvantages of a Progressive Web App are minimal because they are designed to combine the best of Web Pages and Native Applications. However, at present they still cannot access all the specific functionalities of a mobile device such as access to contacts to advanced camera functions.

PWA Examples

There are several successful companies that already have a PWA. Among some examples we can mention Forbes, Alibabá, Telegram, Chrome Status, Financial Times, The Washington Post, AliExpress, or Paper Planes among others.

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